Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Google TV

Google TV is the next big Google product that is going to take over your living room. Imagine your friend told you about a tv show and it sounded great but you can't remember what day, time, or channel it was on. Normally you just like everyone else would use Google to look it up. Usually that means you have to go to your computer and search for it, then wait to watch it on tv and hope you don't forget. Well with Google TV you can cut out all the hassle of using your computer to look it up and not forget to actually watch it. With Google TV you can search for the show and it will search internet and tv listings to find what your looking for and set a reminder to watch it when it comes on or record it. This is just one feature that Google TV will have. Others include: browsing the web while watching tv (both on tv), Apps for your tv that will make things like looking at stocks and checking up on your friends(or favorite celebs.) twitter posts, youtube streaming, phones as remotes, and other multi-device support. And there is more... Just goto google.com/tv to learn more and see how and when to get it.

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