Sunday, October 17, 2010

DoubleDox: Site coming along nicely,

DoubleDox: Site coming along nicely,: "I am working on the site and Blake is doing designs for it and we are moving along pretty quick. We have all the elements there and ar..."

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Xbox 360 Dashboard Update

This Fall like previous ones, Microsoft is giving the Xbox 360 a new update. The Update will give some UI changes and a few new apps and an updated Netflix. New apps include ESPN3, where you can watch live sport events and their replays (in HD). Some ISPs don't support it right now, but Microsoft says they are working with them to allow it. There is a new Zune Music app coming, which is great for Microsoft and Zune because it will introduce more people to their awesome PMP. The Zune Music app will have Smart DJ, playlists, and Zune Pass online streaming. The new UI tweaks are from the WP7/Zune Metro UI, everything is flat and has sharp edges. Avatars also got an update but it is just in the menu to create and edit them. The Netfilx app also got a UI update that falls in line with the rest of the new UI. Searching and streaming right from the app is also going to be there. They also added new ways to move around the UI with Kinect but you will need one for that feature(which will release same day, November 4th.) Engadget story
Look for it soon.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Live from Sony's Google TV event

At 5:30EST engadget is going to have a live event going on from the Sony Google TV event. I can't wait. I am looking to get a new tv and this one is starting to look better and better. Sony makes great tvs and this one is pretty amazing, it has Google TV built in, which add so much to it right there, but they have just put up an Android app dev site. Sony's amazing new tv with Google TV and Android apps is going to be the start of the next wave of Internet TVs. Hopefully after this every tv(and media box) is going to incorporate Google TV into it with a nice amount of Android apps to add more functionality.  Live Sony Google TV event.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Did you guys know ...

That you can change you windows login screen just by changing a registry key, then putting then pic you want into a certain folder? Well here's how to do it in 8 simple steps...

Step 1.  open regedit.  press start and type regedit.

Step 2. find the registry key. HKLM\Software\Microsoft\Windows\CurrentVersion\Authentication\LogonUI\Background

Step 3.  on the right side change the value of OEMBackground to 1

Step 4.  now goto c:/windows/system32/oobe

Step 5. create a new folder called info

Step 6. create a new folder called backgrounds in the info folder

Step 7. place your image in the backgrounds folder

Step 8. rename your image to backgroundDefault.jpg   

restart your computer to see your new login screen.

The Tech Community

If you use more then one feed to find out about the latest in the tech world, you probably notice that everyone has links to each other posting about the same story. That is one of the best things about the tech world. Everyone just helps each other out and then don't try to say they were the first to put something out. And with everyone linking and sharing stories, everyone else can read and learn about so much more then if it was a fight about who posted what first and just total bashing from each other.

- engadget
- gdgt
- gizmodo (and sister sites)
- the many others

-- I Love You All  : )

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Google TV

Google TV is the next big Google product that is going to take over your living room. Imagine your friend told you about a tv show and it sounded great but you can't remember what day, time, or channel it was on. Normally you just like everyone else would use Google to look it up. Usually that means you have to go to your computer and search for it, then wait to watch it on tv and hope you don't forget. Well with Google TV you can cut out all the hassle of using your computer to look it up and not forget to actually watch it. With Google TV you can search for the show and it will search internet and tv listings to find what your looking for and set a reminder to watch it when it comes on or record it. This is just one feature that Google TV will have. Others include: browsing the web while watching tv (both on tv), Apps for your tv that will make things like looking at stocks and checking up on your friends(or favorite celebs.) twitter posts, youtube streaming, phones as remotes, and other multi-device support. And there is more... Just goto to learn more and see how and when to get it.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Omnimo 2

Omnimo 2 is a Rainmeter UI that was made by fediaFedia and Xyrfo from DeviantArt. They have made a great product and here is what I like about it and why I am recommending it to everyone.

  • First off, with the new Raineter it is very easy to install the skin compared to the old way of manually placing skins in the right folders.
  • The Customization of Omnimo 2's look is quite easy with a gallery of new panels you can add to your desktop and change colors, and if your code savvy you can pretty much change the look of every part of Omnimo 2, (but it isn't required to get just the look you want).
  • The Omnimo team did a good job in making sure everything worked just as it should with no coding needed from the user, or a * tech degree required skin menu.
  • fediaFedia actually helps users by giving them tips when they are unable to do something. This is really cool for a "Deviant" since most of them expect everyone who uses their products to know the coding that made it.
In short Omnimo 2 is a simple to use Rainmeter theme with almost limitless customization for basic computer users that want to spice up their desktop. If you would like to check it out please visit fediaFedia's Omnimo page to learn more and try it out for yourself.